CVT Transmission Failure

MINI Cooper CVT Transmission Failure
A common problem that a lot of 2002-2006 MINI Cooper owners have experienced is a failed CVT transmission, even with considerably low mileage. CVT transmission stands for Continuous Variable Transmission which is an automatic transmission that can seamlessly change through different gear ratios. Owners may experience a slipping transmission, a transmission that will only shift in to the following gear at extremely high rpm’s, or the transmission will not engage at all.. These are just a few examples that a driver would experience when a CVT transmission is starting to fail.
Several years ago there was a class action law suit brought against BMW (MINI parent company) for these notoriously bad transmissions, and MINI was forced to repair or replace these transmissions under warranty. The recall to replace these transmissions under warranty expired in 2014, so unfortunately for owner’s of older Mini Coopers who are on the hook for the repair cost if they fail.
There are many problems that the CVT can have including the belt breaking, the seals going bad internally, or the Pulse-Width Modulated solenoids on the valve body can go bad. The transmission needs to inspected and diagnosed by one of our professional technicians at Haus Of Minis & BMW to determine if the transmission is actually bad and needs to be replaced. CVT transmissions are very hard to rebuild, and there are very few shops that even attempt to rebuild them, and the ones that do have a very low success rate. The best long term option is to replace it with a new one from the dealer, but this is costly and can exceed the value of the car.
It is very important to change transmission fluid exchange every 30,000 miles as MINI recommends to help prevent these issues.                      
It does not hurt to do them even more frequently than the 30,000 mile interval just to be safe
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or would like a free inspection on your vehicle please call your MINI experts at Haus Of Minis & BMW at (855)572-6464 (MINI). 

CVT Transmission

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