Mini Cooper vs. Fiat 500

fiat vs. mini

With both the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 looking quite similar, one may wonder what the big differences are between the two and which one is better. An assumption can made from that fact that the Mini Cooper is more of a household name than the Fiat, thus, it should be the better automobile. That is not necessarily true, since the Fiat has been out of the U.S. market for 27 years, but has still had a strong presence throughout Europe. This post is meant to set all doubts aside.

Every model release of any make always offers something new that should attract buyers, whether it is a new design, features or compartment, new model releases are designed to impress.

As of late, All Mini Cooper’s are now equipped with heated mirrors and automatic climate control. Fiat, on the other hand, added the option of automatic transmission, which the Mini had already implemented on older models.

Saving Fuel & Performance

When it comes to fuel, the Fiat wins easily due to its small size and engine. Their best fuel economy engines in the Fiat gets 31 miles per gallon, compared to the Mini Cooper, which gets 29 miles per gallon. The Mini Cooper wins in performance though, as their best performance engine sports 228 horsepower, while the Fiat’s gets 160 horsepower.


Regarding safety, both the Fiat and Mini have similar attributes that make it just too close to call. Both makes offer stability, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and standard side-curtain airbags and both makes have achieved a 4 out of 5 safety rating, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


When it comes to features, the Mini Cooper wins by a mile. The Mini has a 8.8 inch touchscreen, while the Fiat has a much tinier screen. The Mini has the latest GPS system while the Fiat has an older GPS system. The Mini has 10 speakers and the Fiat has 6. The Mini has a backup camera and has smartphone integration, while the Fiat has none of these.


It is safe to say the Mini Cooper is still superior to the Fiat, which is why it costs 20 percent more than the Fiat. When it comes to making a decision on which vehicle is right for you, it comes down to whether you are looking for affordability or better performance/luxury.

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