BMW’s New Hologram Feature will Blow Your Mind

BMW Hologram Feature

BMW has announced a new hologram internal feature on their future vehicles that is just awesome. Picture that James Bond car or the Batmobile with those hologram visuals that can be controlled with a single finger movement. It’s finally becoming a reality. Driving a BMW will feel like a movie, but in real life.

Here’s a list of features that the new BMW hologram interior will offer.

Head’s Up Display

No need to look down and take your eyes off the road. The hologram visuals will be at eye level and appear closer to the eye once selected.

Gesture Control

It will recognize hand gestures. For example, rejecting a call by waving your hand to the right, or turning up the volume by making a circle motion with your finger and visa versa. You can also program certain commands like two fingers meaning “navigate me home.” The multi-camera can also be controlled with the “A-OK” gesture.

Hands-Free Touchscreen

You won’t actually have to touch the visuals to do what you want it to do. A camera will be responsible of detecting those motions to prevent the least possible interference when driving.

The BMW’s new hologram feature is the hottest new vehicle feature right now. It only shows how close technology is getting to creating that car of the future you always dreamt of becoming a reality.

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