How To Maintain the BMW Cooling System

BMW Cooling System

Taking care of all components on your BMW is important for it to have a longer and more efficient life. A component to always stay on top of is the BMW’s cooling system because of its ability to cause leaks and overheat the engine.The best way to maintain a BMW’s cooling system is by following these tips.

Coolant Level

Make sure that the coolant fluid is always filled to where the line says so. If not you could possibly damage the radiator. If you find yourself refilling the coolant level more than twice a year, it is possible you have a leak and you should visit a BMW service center as soon as possible.

Check Temperature

The temperature gauge on your dashboard will easily tell you if your coolant system is working efficiently or not. If you see that it is overheating it is necessary you get your radiator checked.

Inspect Cooling System & Radiator Thoroughly

Inspect the cooling system and radiator for any signs of cracks or corrosion. Also make sure there are not any damaged hoses at the core. After the engine has been turned off for awhile to let it cool, you can go ahead and inspect the radiator gasket for any wear and check for drips/leaks underneath the BMW.

Taking Your BMW To A Service Center

If you need to take your BMW to get serviced due to any issue noted above, here’s what you can expect. A BMW service technician will first test the pressure on the radiator cap to make sure that pressure is being released correctly. Then the technician will test the thermostat to make sure the coolant is flowing properly. Third, the technician will check all fans and make sure they are up to code. Last will be a leak test, which is done by applying a pressure test which easily notifies a technician if there is a leak and where it is coming from.

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