BMW and Oil Companies Working Together Towards Hydrogen Fuel Use

Hydrogen Fuel Use For BMW

In an effort to reduce emissions and the effects of climate change, BMW, other automakers, and oil companies are working together to help speed up the process towards hydrogen fuel use. Although oil companies may seem like the biggest question mark of this collective, they realize their profit is in actual danger because of climate change, and they want to prevent that.

Moving towards a society that uses only hydrogen fuel will not reduce emissions, but will eliminate them completely. It is essentially a chemical process that involves the combination of oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity, heat and water. The electricity can be used to power electric motors. That’s not the only good part. Hydrogen is actually one of the most abundant elements in the universe according to Benoit Potier, head of Air Liquide, a French oil supplier.

As of right now, there is about $1.5 billion being invested in hydrogen fuel research a year. The next obstacle for hydrogen fuel research is government help, such as has done with electric vehicles. Along with being abundant, other benefits of hydrogen fuel use would be things such as:

  • No such thing as producing harmful or toxic emissions.
  • It is more efficient than diesel or gas, as it can produce more energy per pound of fuel.
  • It is renewable, so it can be used again and again.
  • It can power rockets better than any fuel source ever.
  • Hydrogen is three times more powerful than gas.
  • Does not produce carbon dioxide.

The future of hydrogen fuel use is something to look forward to especially if you are an advocate of fighting climate change and a more friendly environment. The seriousness of climate change has even the oil companies investing in it, so this along with BMW’s part in it, is overall great news.

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