What To Check On Your BMW After An Accident

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Where to Inspect Your BMW for Accident Repair – Certified Collision Center

Getting in an accident is a bad experience to go through. If you and your BMW were in an accident and you don’t want to go through your insurance for repairs, there are a few things you should check on.

There is nothing wrong with inspecting your BMW yourself as long as you follow these five inspection tips.


The frame is a vehicle’s main support structure. The impact of a car crash on your frame can cause damage to other components. A simple way of checking if your frame is bent or damaged is by measuring all four tires and making sure they are all the same distance from the wheel well.


A battery problem could go unnoticed after an accident until you hear the clicking sound as you try to turn on your engine. The impact from a car accident can easily damage the inner cell and affect the composure of the battery. Make sure to have your battery inspected as soon as possible after an accident.


Check for leaks before and after you are done using the vehicle for a few days to ensure there are no cracks or leaks that can damage your engine even worse than the accident itself.

Check Engine Light

This one goes without saying. Check your engine light and if it turns on, if you don’t have the check engine light inspection machine, take it to your local BMW service shop.


After an accident it is very probable your BMW will make some sort of noise. Do not ignore it. Loose parts and broken pieces can potentially damage your BMW even further.

If you do not want to inspect your BMW yourself after an accident, visit your local BMW service center for a professional inspection.

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