San Fernando Summer Scorcher – Service your BMW Before The Valley Sizzles

Raging summertime heat is descending upon us. Southern Californians from Sherman Oaks in the Valley to Santa Monica on the Westside know what a serious Los Angeles heat wave is all about. You walk outside and instantly feel the weight of heavy hot air on your skin. Perspiration comes easy so you best not be wearing grey attire as it will soon be a much darker shade of grey. Although we readily embrace sun, sand, surf & welcome the sultry days of summer with opens arms, the increased heat can take a toll on your BMW if it’s not prepared to withstand the heat. Here are some specific components of your BMW that need to be regularly maintained to keep your BMW roadworthy this summer:

Air Conditioning

Even if you have a BMW convertible and enjoy driving in it with the top down most days in the summer, your vehicle’s A/C needs to be inspected to make sure that it is functioning properly. If you travel with kids, pets, or seniors, they’ll appreciate the cool-air reprieve from the scorching sun. It’s better to be proactive and make sure your BMW’s A/C works properly now before you really need it.

Cooling System

It’s not uncommon for a BMW’s (or any vehicle’s) cooling system to have problems that are only easily identifiable by a skilled technician. Tiny holes can develop in the system’s hoses — causing coolant to leak and the engine to overheat! Not a situation you want to be in while out for an evening summer’s drive! Routine inspection of the BMW’s radiator will help to identify any potential problems with the system. Having the water pump belt drive inspected – where many coolant systems originate, will let you know if it needs a tension adjustment or a complete replacement. Clogs can form in the radiator and other areas your BMW’s cooling system – stopping the coolant from flowing through the system properly. The fan also needs to be checked — including its auxiliary fan — to make sure they are running properly as well.


Maintaining proper tire pressure on your BMW is vital not only to keeping it safe on the road for you, your passengers, and the other drivers on the road, but also for getting the best gas mileage possible. You’ll also want to be sure that the tire treads aren’t worn and that you didn’t accidentally drive over a nail or other debris that could cause a slow leak. It doesn’t matter how beautifully-sculpted and aerodynamically-designed your fully-loaded, high-tech BMW is if its tires are unsafe.

Oil Change

While there is no one exact mileage (or time) counter to gauge exactly when to have your BMW oil changed because it’s often dependent on many variables — how aggressively or gently you drive your BMW, the age of its engine, the elements in the external environment where you drive most often, and whether or not you do mostly stop-and-go in-town driving or highway driving – it’s good to get in the habit of having the oil checked and changed routinely – especially in preparation for the hot summer months.

Battery Check

Most drivers don’t think about checking their car’s battery until it doesn’t work. You’ll want to get the battery inspected and tested to ensure it is properly situated in your vehicle and that it is fully charged. If it needs to be replaced, it’s better to find out now than when you’re headed to the beach!


The worst time to discover you need new wipers this summer is during a nasty drought! Imagine dust covering your windshield, you go to use the washer fluid and your worn windshield wipers just smear the dust all over in a muddy mess. By having your wipers checked for bends or tears will keep you driving safely in all sorts of inclement weather.

To get your BMW ready for your summer adventures, bring it to the specialists at the HAUS! You’ll feel relieved knowing that you’ve taken your beloved Beamer to the best BMW service and repair shop in Southern California. Owned and operated by BMW enthusiasts and staffed by highly-skilled and certified BMW technicians!

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