From Bavaria to America: How BMW Became an Iconic U.S. Brand

BMW Iconic Brand US

BMW is a vehicle brand that has been loved in America and Europe for over a century. The iconic blue and white badge on the front of every BMW vehicle symbolizes a marriage of luxury, innovation, and quality. From its inception in Bavaria in the early part of the 1900s to its expansion into a world renowned vehicle, BMW has a long and fascinating history. In the present, BMW has become a symbol of wealth and class in the United States.

Airplanes and Farm Equipment: The Early Days of BMW

BMW, or Bavarian Motor Works in English, has over a century of experience in the engine design game. It was founded in 1916 by two German men by the names of Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. The company got its start in the production of aircraft engines. The high quality performance of their airplane engines quickly attracted the attention of the German military and led to a rapid expansion of the company. After the end of World War I in 1918, the company transitioned into producing engines for things like busses, trucks, and farm equipment. After 1923, BMW turned a corner and began to produce motorcycles and cars. The first complete motorcycle produced by BMW, the R32, came out in 1923. This was groundbreaking because, up until this point, BMW had only produced engines, not complete vehicles. The design of the R32 was so reliable that it is still used in bikes manufactured today. The R32 was followed several years later by the first official production car, the BMW 3/15 which hit the market in 1932. A year later in 1933, the BMW 303 was released, marking the production of the first straight-six engine. In the years to come, BMW expanded production to include sedans, coupes, and convertibles.

Moving Into The Future: The Brand Grows

As the years went by, BMW continued to expand their line of vehicles and to grow into the globally successful manufacturer they are today. Over the years, there have been numerous BMW models that have been especially successful. In the early 1960s, BMW was facing financial hardship. The car that is credited with turning the situation around was the New Class, a line of large sedans, luxury coupes, and compact coupes. In the following years, BMW produced the New Six, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, and 7 Series, all of which had their own unique appeal. In the 1980s one of the most iconic BMW models of all time hit the market: the E30 M3. This two door sports car is one of the most awarded sports cars of all time due to its outstanding driving performance. Another important classic, the 2002 turbo model, inspired BMW’s subsequent trend to turbo charge vehicles. If ultra-modern vehicles are more your style, the BMW i8 is not to be missed. This amazing vehicle looks more like an Italian sports car than a German classic. The futuristic body style, powerful engine, and environmentally friendly hybrid technology combine to form the perfect, modern sports car. Of course, no list of BMW models would be complete without giving a nod to the E39 M5. This four door sedan is the perfect union of a powerful engine, agile handling, and a comfortable interior. It’s perfect for the commuter that wants to enjoy their daily drive.

BMW in California: A Modern Love Affair

In the United States in general and in California in particular, BMW has known great success as a brand. Upper class customers in the U.S. are hungry for innovative European vehicle technology. The desire for a combination of forward-thinking design and great looking cars has made the Los Angeles area a hotbed of BMW demand. For people living in California, BMW has become a status symbol and a representation of a lifestyle. It symbolizes the fact that a high-quality, reliable car can still be fast, fun, and exciting. People do not want to have to choose between a car that is dependable and will last and a car that is thrilling enough to make driving enjoyable. As the years have gone on, BMW has expanded their offerings to include coupes, convertibles, sedans, and SUVs, making it a brand that offers something for everyone.

BMW vehicles can be considered the ultimate driving machine. If you are the proud owner of a BMW, it goes without saying that you’ll want to take good care of it. People living in the greater Los Angeles area can bring their BMW or Mini Cooper to the Haus for every kind of service and repair. The technicians at the Haus are certified and have the expertise necessary to keep you safely on the road. There are two convenient locations in Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks to help make car maintenance and repair a snap.

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