BMW Engine & Transmission Problems

Like any vehicle, the BMW also occasionally has its own issues. Here’s a look at two of them:

Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung (VANOS) Noise

Also referred to in America as the variable valve timing system, the VANOS is known to be the cause of the annoying engine rattle noises that so many BMW owners have experienced. Let’s face it, you can only drive so long with the speakers blasting to block out the sound of marbles rolling around in a tin can! VANOS modifies the position of the camshafts and is the source of the engine’s rattling noise when you’re driving at higher RPMs. While almost unnoticeable initially, with more wear to the VANOS, the noise gets louder (and more annoying)!

Possible Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung (VANOS) Noise Solutions

Don’t rev up the RPMs (how is that possible? You didn’t invest in your beautiful bimmer to have it idle all day or to drive it at lower RPMs!) Perhaps you’ll opt to replace the VANOS yourself – spending an entire sunny afternoon hoping you get it right. Or, you might decide to take the BMW to the dealer’s service department.

Transmission Problems with Gears Shifting

An often frustrating and potentially-dangerous common problem many BMW owners eventually experience with their beloved bimmer deals with the transmission. From the transmission getting stuck in a gear, slipping, or shifting hard, to erratic shifting or bumping in one or more gears, or the car suddenly going into Safe Mode/Limp Mode, this issue can seem like a challenge to troubleshoot and can lead to other problems and more expenses if not resolved quickly. For some BMW owners, the problem occurs periodically over time or can occur as frequently as daily! If you’re driving 75 mph on a freeway, for example, and the gear drops from 6th to 5th and suddenly your RPMs have skyrocketed and your vehicle is now stuck in the wrong gear, you have a problem with your transmission. Or, if the gear gets stuck in 3rd or 4th gear while you are accelerating from a stop, it’s the transmission. Typically prior to these malfunctions and these scenarios occurring, a sudden gear jerk will occur, the gear gets locked into place, and the transmission gear light will come on.

Possible Transmission Problems with Gears Shifting Solutions

When this first happens, some BMW owners will try to troubleshoot it themselves and find a bit of reprieve from the problem by shutting the engine off and then restarting it – enabling everything to return to normal. While this is a temporary fix that can get you off of the freeway or back home, you certainly can’t keep driving around town hoping it won’t happen again (or wondering when it will happen again). For many BMW owners who become frustrated with this recurring problem on their ultimate driving machine, the first thing they think of doing is taking their car right back to the dealer to have their service department techs try reprogramming it. This often costs hundreds of dollars, doesn’t fix the problem, and typically results in the dealer suggesting investing thousands of dollars for an entire new transmission. An often overlooked solution is checking the automatic transmission fluid (ATF), noting the last time it was changed (if ever), and then changing it. Low ATF wreaks havoc with many components of a transmission. For some drivers who are able to shut off their vehicle’s engine and restart it to eliminate the problem, however, the issue may be more of an interface one than a transmission one. Since the vehicle corrects itself when the driver shuts it off, this typically indicates a possible signal or electrical interface issue.

Best BMW Service Center Option

To maintain the value and integrity of your BMW, the best solution is to take it to The Haus – an independently-owned, world-class, certified BMW & MINI Cooper repair, service & parts shop serving BMW owners throughout the West Los Angeles region. While it’s no news flash that dealerships are in the business of selling new parts and not fixing problems, taking your bimmer to a local shop that specializes in all things BMW will help you rest assured knowing that your vehicle will be cared for by certified BMW/Mini Cooper technicians 100 percent dedicated to these ultimate driving machines.

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