The HAUS or Home? 3 Reasons Why Certified BMW Service Matters

Certified BMW Service Center

Here are 3 reasons why you want to take your BMW to our HAUS in Sherman Oaks & Santa Monica for service and not work on your vehicle at your home:

This is what we do.

We’re experts at all-things BMW. It’s our full-time job, our passion, and the daily topic of everything we talk about and read. Taking your BMW to a service shop that specializes in BMWs and that employs only certified BMW technicians helps to ensure that you’re having your BMW routinely maintained and serviced at an independently-owned facility that truly cares about the brand of vehicle you have chosen to drive. And that’s a big deal. While some local garages will work on any manufacturer’s make or model, we don’t. If you don’t own a BMW or Mini Cooper, we don’t have anything to offer you (except maybe a freshly-brewed Cup of Joe or an engaging conversation on why the BMW is the only vehicle to drive!)

We have the space, the tools, and the expertise.

In addition to having the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair whatever may not be quite right with your BMW, we also have the 21st century tools and technology (plus the space to work on your vehicle!) Chances are pretty high that you don’t have a fully-equipped and operational full-service BMW shop on your property. What will you do if, after watching a YouTube video 29 times, you embark on fixing your BMW yourself, only to discover that a tool you need for a certain part of the process is not in your possession? Will you go out and buy one, will you try to do without it, or will you put your car back together and then bring it to our shop?

We have the time.

Patiently and meticulously servicing and repairing BMWs is what we dedicate our time to do all day, every day. We don’t have to try to find the time after work hours or on weekends to repair and service BMWs; we wake up in the morning looking forward to spending our work hours working on them! If you work on your own BMW at your home, when will you be doing that? In the evening after work? On your cherished weekends? Or will you have to take a weekday off your job or from what you’d rather be doing to (try to) correctly diagnose and safely repair your BMW?

There is nothing quite like having an expert do a job for you, instead of you attempting to do it yourself. Sure, there’s that sense of accomplishment that often follows doing something yourself, and there’s that pride factor that enables you to affirm for yourself that you don’t need anyone else to do for you what you are certainly capable of figuring out on your own (and with the help of YouTube videos). But, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you ought to — and that includes doing any service-related maintenance and mechanical work on your beloved BMW.

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