A HAUS Divided! Steve’s Chargers vs Kevin’s Rams

Los Angeles Football Teams

They say a house divided cannot stand, but that’s not the case with HAUS where the friendly Rams versus Chargers rivalry between the co-owners only adds to the fun! Steve at the Sherman Oaks location is Chargers all the way while Kevin in Santa Monica is a die-hard Rams fan. All of this naturally begs the question – what are the prospects of the two Los Angeles NFL franchises this season?

Having reached the Super Bowl last season, the Rams are surely the favorites if they can get past the disappointment of losing to the New England Patriots in the big game last season. This is the kind of ultimate trial that either defeats a team or makes it stronger going forward, and the Rams look like they plan to do just that. It’s not like they lost to just any old team, as the Patriots have been dominating the league for some time. But this is the year the Rams may well hope to put an end to that.

The Rams secret weapon continues to be coach Sean McVay who knows what it takes to lead his team to the top of the division and beyond. Jared Goff and Todd Gurley provide the offense he needs to do just that with Aaron Donald providing the foundation of an ever-improving defense. As long as they can use their previous title loss as a source of inspiration rather than a reason to feel deflated they will be a formidable opponent for any team.

All this Rams talk brings up the question of the Chargers and what they hope to achieve this season. While the Rams may have gone all the way to the final last year, the Chargers are top heavy with talent meaning they have to be considered a contender. But can they put all that individual talent to good use? The answer if yes – if they can avoid being mauled at home games against teams they’re supposed to beat. To put it another way, they will do well if they can avoid making all the typical mistakes of last season. Otherwise they run the risk that people will start calling them the choking Chargers this year. Don’t say that around Steve though – because you’ll ruin his day!

Basically this has to be the year for the Chargers and Philip Rivers and the Chargers. Defensive end Melvin Ingram exemplifies the spirit that could carry the Charger all the way this time. QB Philip Rivers may be a bit long in the tooth, but he’s never been better, and his passing rate is nothing to sneeze at. If there’s a quarterback and a team who’s time is nigh to win a Super Bowl, you can make a strong case for Rivers and the Chargers. The Chargers may be full of talent, but the Rams are also seeking to add talent, making new hires to improve their defense. Pass rusher Clay Matthews and safety Eric Weddle bring new depth to the franchise that the Rams owners hope could take them all the way this time.

There is all to play for in the opposing camps at HAUS this season and it’s never been more exciting. Will Steve in Sherman Oaks prevail and finally clinch that Super Bowl victory after getting so close last time, or will Kevin in Santa Monica get the bragging rights when the Chargers eclipse their LA neighbors? Only time will tell!

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