The 8 Most Expensive BMW Repairs


Let’s face it, owning and maintaining a vehicle is not cheap. BMW vehicle repair requires trained professionals and special parts. These premium vehicles are fine-tuned driving machines. As such, repairs and maintenance tend to cost a bit more than what you’ll pay for the average vehicle.
Are you wondering which BMW repairs are most likely to break the bank? Here’s our rundown of the top eight most costly BMW issues.

1. Critical Engine Failure

One thing BMW owners never want to hear are the words “major engine damage.” Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with a critical engine failure, you’re facing a major bill. This is especially true if it involves your BMW’s cylinders.

2. Transmission Failure

A transmission failure is another major issue for BMW owners. Your transmission is a complex system that converts your engine power to the driveshaft so it can turn your wheels. A complete transmission failure is very expensive to fix because there are multiple components that will have suffered damage.
You can often avoid needing a whole new transmission by paying careful attention to warning signs of a problem. If you notice a strange “burning” smell, slipping gears, or a dragging clutch, head in for repairs right away.

3. Computer Issues

There are several critical computer systems inside your BMW. If one of them starts to have glitches, you need a certified BMW mechanic to get them working correctly again. Whether you’re having an issue with your onboard computer, iDrive, or other electronics, it’s likely going to be a fairly expensive repair.

4. Suspension Overhaul

When everything is working correctly, you’ll barely notice the suspension in your BMW. However, when there’s a problem, you’ll start to feel every bump and dip in the road. When a single part of your suspension needs repair or replacement, it’s not too expensive. However, if you let things go too far and end up needing an entire suspension overhaul, this will cost you a pretty penny.

5. Camshaft Replacement

The camshaft helps control the intake of air into your BMW’s engine. Without proper maintenance, this can often get clogged with dirt and debris, eventually causing it to fail. The camshaft itself isn’t a very expensive or complex part. However, replacing it is very labor-intensive and this drives up the cost.

6. Head Gasket Failure

If your head gasket blows, it will spray oil and coolant, causing white smoke to billow out from your exhaust and engine. This can quickly lead to the engine overheating. In addition to the drama and the mess, a head gasket repair will also cost you! This is another situation where the part is pretty inexpensive, but the replacement itself is very labor-intensive.

7. Brake Lines

There’s no arguing that your brakes are important, so you certainly can’t ignore a problem with your brake lines. While it’s sometimes possible to patch or fix a broken line, a full replacement is almost always recommended for safety reasons. Unfortunately, this is not an inexpensive repair. It’s also one that you’ll have to take care of right away.

8. Major Collision

There are so many things that can go wrong with your BMW after a major collision. You can usually count on needing bodywork, replacement airbags, and bumper repairs or replacements. In addition, you may also find that you have problems with the electronics, brakes, windows, fuel pump, automatic headlights, and more. If you’ve been in any type of accident with your BMW you’ll want to get it to a qualified mechanic right away.

Trust The HAUS for Your BMW Repairs

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular BMW service and maintenance will help you avoid some of the most expensive BMW repairs. However, despite your best efforts, you may find yourself faced with a major problem.
When this happens, it’s critical to have a trusted BMW mechanic by your side. The experts at The Haus will properly diagnose your BMW’s problem and ensure we fix it right the first time. We’ll also look for ways to keep your expenses down whenever we can.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you get back on the road without going broke!

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