Most Common BMW Z4 Problems

BMW Z4 Auto Problems

The BMW Z4 is a relatively dependable model with few problems. However, even the best of cars have at least a couple of issues. Whether you’re thinking about buying a Z4 or you’re already a proud owner, it’s always helpful to know what types of trouble you might encounter. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common Z4 problems.

Engine Misfiring

We often see Z4 owners complaining about their engine misfiring while their car is idling. Many times, this is caused by a broken DISA valve. In this case, you may also hear a rattling noise coming from the engine. Replacing the DISA valve will typically solve this problem.

Exhaust Rattling

If you hear a rattling sound coming from the underside of your car, you could have a faulty flap in the rear section of your exhaust. When you have this problem, you’ll notice the rattling intensifies when you drive over speed bumps or other rough surfaces. Fitting a replacement flap should take care of this issue. Luckily, this is usually a fairly inexpensive problem to fix.

Brake Lines

Rust and corrosion on the brake lines is another common Z4 problem. This doesn’t seem to correlate with the vehicle’s age, as it’s just as common to see this issue in a 36,000-mile vehicle as it is in one with 90k+ miles. Brake lines issues can often be expensive due to the difficulty of removing and replacing them. This isn’t something that’s guaranteed to happen, but it’s a problem we see from time to time.

Roof Problems

While not a major mechanical problem, a Z4 with a squeaky roof is certainly annoying. Wiping it down every couple of weeks and keeping it in the garage or at least covering it will help you avoid this problem. If the area is free from sap and debris, you may need to tighten the latch-locking mechanism. This will ensure that it seals properly.
Sometimes, owners are frustrated to find that their roof comes half-way down and then stops. This is often caused by water seeping into the trunk seals, which can cause damage to the roof’s hydraulics and the electronics around it. To fix this, you’ll usually need to replace damaged parts and fix the problem that’s causing issues with the seal.

Window Failures

As your Z4 gets older, there’s more of a chance that one day your window won’t go all the way up. This is usually caused by a problem with your window regulator cables.
If you notice a scraping sound from inside the door when you roll the windows up and down, it’s likely that your cable is going to fail soon. While you can purchase a repair kit, this isn’t recommended. Instead, you really should replace the entire regulator. Otherwise, the problem is likely to return again.

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