Top 7 Most Common BMW Body Shop & Collision Repairs

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No matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance you’ll find yourself needing a BMW collision repair. Whether you’ve been in a fender bender, a major collision, or you were hit by a stray shopping cart, knowing what to expect can make the situation far less stressful.
When BMW owners bring their vehicles to us after an accident, we often see the same issues time and again. Here’s a look at seven of the most common BMW repairs that are needed after a collision.

1. Paint Scratches

Paint damage can range from small surface scratches to deep gouges. Not only does this affect the aesthetics of your BMW, but the paint also helps to protect it from rust. For this reason, it’s important to take care of scratches fairly quickly.
Damage to the top layer of paint can often be fixed by simply polishing it out. However, if the scratch goes deeper, you’ll need a full paint repair. In this case, it’s best to hire a professional who is well-versed in paint color matching and skilled in the repair methods that are most appropriate for high-end luxury vehicles. This is the best way to get your BMW back to looking like new and ensure you’re protecting its resale value.

2. Dents and Dings

Whether from an accident or just everyday life, it’s common for BMWs to end up with a few dents and dings throughout their lifetime. In many cases, paintless dent repair (PDL) is a simple solution. This is typically an option as long as the paint is intact, the dent isn’t creased, and it isn’t affecting a complex area of your vehicle. PDL is far less expensive and time-consuming than traditional dent repair and is an option for 80 to 90% of dents.
If the damage is too severe for PDL, your dent repair will often require removing the surrounding paint, adding a body filler, sanding, glazing, and re-painting the affected area. In either case, a certified BMW auto body technician can repair your dents and dings, bringing your vehicle back to its previous glory.

3. Bumper Repair

If you’re rear-ended or you back into something, you’ll likely end up with a cracked, dented, or scratched bumper. The cost and difficulty of bumper repair will depend on the extent of the damage. Newer BMWs often have collision avoidance systems built into the bumpers, making this a far more complex repair.
It’s important to have your bumper inspected even if you don’t see any visual damage. Your bumper is designed to absorb impact and protect both your and your passengers. Once it has been in one accident, it may be compromised. If you’re in another accident in the future, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully protected.

4. Frame Straightening

A bent frame is one of the most common BMW collision repairs. This can lead to a whole host of serious problems. For example, a damaged frame can put stress on your suspension system, causing the struts, shocks, and other critical parts to wear out faster.
If you’re having suspension problems, you’ll likely notice that your vehicle rides rough and is more difficult to control. When these issues occur after an accident, it’s important to address them quickly. Otherwise, the problem will continue to worsen and will eventually compromise both the safety and value of your BMW.
While frame damage isn’t always visible, it can severely impact your BMW’s handling capabilities. For this reason, it’s always best to have a certified BMW repair technician examine your frame after a collision and straighten it as necessary.

5. Trunk Repair

After a rear-end collision, it’s common for the locking mechanism on your BMW’s trunk to malfunction. This could create a dangerous situation if the trunk pops open while you’re cruising down the highway. Not only will it block your vision, but it could possibly startle the driver behind you, leaving you open to being rear-ended.
A damaged trunk will also impact the resale value of your BMW. So while this may seem like a minor issue, it’s best to have it taken care of fairly quickly after an accident.

6. Wheel Repair or Replacement

Scuffs, dents, and cracks to your wheels are another common side-effect of collisions and other accidents. Many BMWs have alloy wheels, which are especially fragile. In addition to accidents, it’s also easy to damage them by hitting a pothole, curb, or other road imperfections.
A BMW technician will be able to assess the damage and determine whether it can be fixed. If not, you’ll need a wheel replacement.

7. Windshield Replacement

Sometimes, a collision can leave you with a cracked, chipped, or shattered windshield. Unfortunately, even a small chip can quickly spread and create dangerous driving conditions, which is why it’s important to take care of any windshield damage right away.
It’s important to note that many BMWs have technology built into their windshields, making this a more complex and expensive repair. The good news here is that as long as you have comprehensive insurance coverage, you should be able to have your windshield replaced for free or for a very small deductible.

Trust The Haus for Your BMW Collision Repairs

At The Haus, we take care of all types of BMW bodywork and mechanical repairs. Some are easy to fix, while others require a bit more expertise. No matter what, you can trust our certified BMW technicians to properly diagnose your vehicle, take care of the problem, and make sure it looks and runs just as good as it did before your accident.
We’re happy to provide a no-cost estimate for your damage repair. If your repair work is covered by insurance, we’ll also help you file your claim and speak directly to adjusters as needed. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our two convenient locations in Sherman Oaks or Santa Monica!

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