BMW Problems & Issues after Installing Performance Parts

As a BMW owner, you already know that your vehicle offers impeccable engineering, innovative design, and unrivaled performance. While very little needs to be done to a BMW in terms of modifications, if you’re a true enthusiast looking for even more power and performance, you may have been thinking about adding some performance parts.

However, before you consider modifying your BMW, it’s important to understand that common issues such as using low-quality aftermarket parts or improperly installing your parts can create some potentially serious issues.
At The Haus, we often see BMW owners who can’t understand why their vehicles aren’t functioning as they should after completing a performance upgrade. Sometimes, fixing the problem is as simple as replacing the part, while other times, additional damage has already occurred. Here’s a look at a few of the most common problems you may run into after equipping your BMW with performance parts.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

If you’ve installed an electric turbocharger in your BMW and you’ve begun to notice that your car is sucking up gas, the modification could be to blame. Turbochargers are installed inside the intake tube that leads to your motor and they can block airflow to the engine. Not only can this decrease your performance, but it can also significantly impact your BMW’s fuel efficiency.
Other performance modifications, such as upgrading to larger wheels or adding wide-bore or sports exhausts can also reduce your BMW’s fuel economy.

Failed Mass Airflow Sensor

Cold air intakes are designed to improve an engine’s performance by bringing cool air in. They also typically use washable filters, which some vehicle owners view as an advantage. However, these filters may be more prone to collecting dust and debris, which can create clogs that lead to mass airflow sensor failure. Once this happens, your BMW may also fail emissions tests.
Signs of a mass airflow sensor failure include engine hiccupping, stalling shortly after starting, or hesitating or dragging while idle or under load. You may also notice that the engine struggles to start or turn over or that your BMW hesitates or jerks when you accelerate. In this case, you’ll likely need to replace your filters, clear the clog, and have the sensor replaced or repaired.

Engine Damage

There are many ways that poor-quality performance parts or improper installation can damage your engine. For example, the metal fans on a defective turbocharger have been known to come apart and get sucked into the motor, causing thousands of dollars in damage.
Remember that a turbocharger is designed to create extra power. If your turbocharger is defective or has been installed improperly, the power it generates can place excess stress on your BMW’s pistons, valves, and other components.

Suspension, Brake, and Wheel Bearing Issues

Many aftermarket wheels are made overseas, which may allow them to avoid following strict U.S. safety and performance requirements. Not only is this potentially dangerous, but if you install wheels that are poorly engineered, you may find that you end up with problems with your suspension, brakes, and wheel bearings. All of this can add up to costly repairs.

Anti Lock-Brake Problems

Some BMW owners consider lowering their vehicle suspension to improve aerodynamics, traction, and handling. However, it’s important to remember that your suspension is a fairly complex system. If this modification is not done correctly, it can create problems with your anti lock brake system, making your vehicle dangerous to drive.

Put Your Trust in the Pros

Well-chosen and professionally installed performance upgrades can improve your BMW’s horsepower, handling, and braking – but poor-quality or incorrectly installed parts often do more harm than good. If you’ve recognized any of the potential warning signs listed above and you think a faulty performance upgrade could be to blame, it’s important to get your vehicle to a certified mechanic right away. Left unrepaired, these issues will continue to worsen and could eventually cause serious damage.
The experts at The Haus can quickly diagnose the problems you’re having and will provide a fair and accurate estimate for any needed repairs. We also offer performance part installation and maintenance. If you’re considering modifying your BMW, you can trust our mechanics to do it correctly the first time. Contact us to learn more and schedule a VIP appointment.

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