May 2024

Your BMW or MINI Cooper’s in Good Hands, Now What About You? A Guide to Sipping and Savoring in Santa Monica While Your Car Gets Pampered

Let’s face it, taking your beloved BMW or MINI Cooper in for service isn’t exactly the most thrilling experience. But fret not, car enthusiasts of Santa Monica! While your prized possession gets the royal treatment at HAUS Santa Monica, you can turn that wait into a delightful mini-adventure.

This guide is here to steer you towards fantastic coffee shops and yummy cafes within walking distance, perfect for grabbing a satisfying bite or a relaxing cup of joe. So, buckle up (metaphorically, of course) for a delicious exploration of Santa Monica’s culinary scene:

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Keepin’ it MINI: Essential Maintenance Tips for Van Nuys Drivers

MINI Cooper Transmission Repair

Living in sunny Van Nuys with your trusty MINI Cooper by your side? Like a perfectly tailored outfit, your MINI deserves a little TLC to keep it running smoothly and looking sharp. Whether you’re a seasoned MINI owner or a recent convert to the world of go-kart handling, this guide will equip you with essential maintenance tips to keep your MINI zipping through the Valley for miles to come.

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Don’t Panic! Cracking the Code of Common BMW Warning Lights

Check Engine

Let’s face it, seeing a lit-up dashboard in your beloved BMW can be a heart-stopping experience. But fear not, fellow driver! Most warning lights are there to nudge you in the right direction, not send you spiraling. This guide from The HAUS will equip you to decipher some of the most frequent BMW warning lights, so you can get back on the road with confidence (or, at least, know when to call for backup).

We’ll break it down using a traffic light system, mirroring the urgency most BMW lights communicate:

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