Why Get Brake Service On Your Mini Cooper?

Why Your Mini Cooper Needs Brake Service

When you have a busy schedule and heavily rely on your service center to schedule your next car inspection, you may actually be ignoring a real problem. The life of brakes will always depend on the driver and the type of driving the driver does. For example, someone with a knack for heavy braking will almost always wear out their brakes quickly because rotors and pads won’t have much of an opportunity cool down properly, leading to increased chances of wear and tear.
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How To Inspect Your BMW Suspension

Inspect BMW Suspension

The suspension is vital to the operation of your BMW vehicle. It is the system that connects everything to the wheels, so everything runs cohesively. For example, with the help of the springs, shocks, and struts it supports the weight of your BMW and helps reduce excess energy that is wasted on the road. Without a suspension there is virtually no steering stability, no comfort for your BMW and passengers when on the road and most importantly, no safety.
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5 Reasons Mini Coopers Are Awesome

Mini Cooper Flexible Head Restraints

It has not even been two decades since Mini Cooper’s were introduced in the states, yet we see the compact and stylish vehicle being driven by many every day. Some of the reasons one might drive a Mini are because it’s a European car, or they live in the city and they need something easy to get around with and park, or simply they saw The Italian Job and they had to have one. If you’re not yet a fan of the Mini Cooper then here are the reasons you should be.
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