Mini Cooper vs. Fiat 500

fiat vs. mini

With both the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 looking quite similar, one may wonder what the big differences are between the two and which one is better. An assumption can made from that fact that the Mini Cooper is more of a household name than the Fiat, thus, it should be the better automobile. That is not necessarily true, since the Fiat has been out of the U.S. market for 27 years, but has still had a strong presence throughout Europe. This post is meant to set all doubts aside.
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Mini Cooper Maintenance Timeline


Keeping up to date with your Mini Cooper’s maintenance is important to keep it running in good shape, increasing its life and preventing more expensive repairs in the future. The most important things in a Mini Cooper’s maintenance timeline are oil changes, engine inspection, and transmission inspection. Other things to consider are services such as tire inspection and alignment.
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BMW Service and Maintenance Timeline

Servicing BMW Engine

When owning a BMW it is important to know the maintenance and service timeline that revolves around the life of your vehicle. Life can definitely be hectic and you can sometimes forget certain things that should be serviced on your BMW vehicle. As the vehicle gets older, there are things that should be inspected that you may not know about or forget about. Here is a timeline that will help with your BMW service schedule.
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