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Just because you drive a high-end car, it doesn’t mean you want to pay inflated dealer prices. At The Haus, we offer dealer-quality service without the high bill.
From something as simple as a tune-up or oil change to major engine and transmission repairs, our master technicians have the skills and experience to keep your BMW or MINI Cooper in top shape. They’re certified in gas, diesel, and high-powered M-series engine, chassis, and transmission repair.
You can trust our technicians to estimate your work honestly without trying to up-sell unnecessary repairs. Call (855) 572-6464 for San Fernando Valley or (310) 299-7693 for Santa Monica to schedule your MINI Cooper, BMW repair, or service appointment today!

Auto Repair Services we currently offer:

Transmission Repair You Can Trust

While BMWs and MINI Coopers are reliable vehicles, the wear and tear these performance models encounter can lead to transmission problems. The complexity of these vehicles makes it important to only trust a qualified, certified technician to make repairs.
Strange smells or odd noises like squeaking, grinding, or screeching are common indicators of a transmission problem. If your vehicle is leaking dark, reddish fluid, this is another warning sign you shouldn’t ignore. Other potential indications of transmission problems include difficulty shifting, low acceleration efficiency, and vibrations or shaking.
Has your check engine light has come on? This isn’t something you should take lightly! A professional code reading will help determine whether you’re experiencing a problem with your transmission or a different issue. Either way, visiting a qualified mechanic is the first step in the diagnostic process.

Drivetrain Malfunctions

It’s common for BMW drivers to come across an error message that reads: “Drivetrain Malfunction: Drive Moderately.” This often occurs after heavy acceleration or when going up a steep incline. This message is a good indication that you’re experiencing engine or transmission problems. In this case, scanning for a fault code will give you more information.
Some of the most common causes of a drivetrain malfunction error include worn sparkplugs, a failed ignition coil, a faulty fuel pump, a clogged catalytic converter, or damaged fuel injectors. Using low-octane or low-quality fuel in your BMW or MINI Cooper can also trigger this error code.
Receiving this code in cold weather could be due to having an old battery or having too many electronics plugged into your auxiliary outlets. If you’ve recently changed your oil and then received the message, you may have spilled oil on the engine or unintentionally unplugged a sensor.
Since there are so many potential causes, it’s best to allow a certified professional to properly diagnose it. This will help you avoid ongoing problems.

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At The Haus, we can quickly and easily diagnose any issue with your vehicle. This allows us to fix it right the first time and get you back on the road. We’ll also make it easy to keep up with your scheduled maintenance so you can always feel confident that your vehicle is in top condition. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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