June 2016

BMW Wheel Alignment is Critical for a Smooth Ride

Why you may need to get your BMW wheels’ adjusted for an optimal experience

When was the last time you checked the wheel alignment of your BMW? It may not seem important, but getting your BMW wheels checked can have a major impact on the quality of your drive. The wheels may have been perfectly aligned when your European luxury vehicle was brand new, but even the most careful drivers can encounter situations that set the alignment off slightly. If you feel your car pulling to a particular side whilst you drive, it is time to take your vehicle into an authorized service center in order to get the wheel alignment checked out.

What causes the wheels to come out of alignment in a BMW?

If you have ever gotten into a fender bender or other minor accident on the road, there is a high chance that it threw your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment. Accidents are one of the most common ways to instigate a misalignment, but did you know that the wheels can also come out of alignment if your vehicle runs over a curb or hits a pothole?
Many drivers encounter numerous potholes, curbs and other small obstacles every single day. Each time one of these is hit, the alignment of the car gets thrown off slightly. All of this adds up and results in wheels that are considerably unaligned after an extended period of driving.

Why is wheel alignment so important?

Wheel alignment seems like a small nuisance, but it can be quite dangerous and costly to be on the road without having your wheels’ serviced at an automotive shop. There are several things to be wary of when the wheels of your BMW are misaligned.
Tires tend to wear out unevenly as you drive around lose tread at a rapid rate. Not only is this dangerous, but it also negatively impacts the overall performance of your BMW. When driving on tires that are unevenly worn, the vehicle will start to pull to a side and it will take more effort to properly operate. BMWs are known for being a great, smooth ride and that simply isn’t going to be the case if you are struggling to keep the car straight due to misaligned wheels.
Another reason to get the wheels checked out is because unevenly worn tires guzzle gas, increasing your expenses considerably over a period of time. It’s always wise to keep your BMW as fuel efficient as possible, and this is just another way to contribute to lowering your bill.

Regular wheel alignment saves you money over the long term

Speaking of saving money, getting your tires rotated and wheels aligned by a skilled technician is a small price to pay when comparing it to the price of buying new tires. Add in the unnecessary gas your vehicle utilizes when the wheels are unaligned and you are looking at a major savings over the long haul. Don’t wait for disaster to happen, take your BMW into a BMW service center such as Haus of Minis & BMW today to get this minor maintenance performed.
Even if there are no warning signs indicating that your wheels are out of alignment, it is a good idea to have them checked if it’s been over a year. Regularly having them looked at by a BMW specialist will go a long way towards keeping your vehicle in top shape.


Why You Must Take Your Mini Cooper to an Experienced Technician

If you own a MINI, you absolutely should go to an experienced Mini Cooper technician for regular oil changes and maintenance. There are no two ways about it and the reasons are simple. Here’s why: 

Nobody understands a MINI better than an experienced Mini Cooper technician

A Mini Cooper is different from most other vehicles. Not only does it look unique, but also it is also one-of-a-kind under the hood. There is no one who understands that better than a MINI certified technician, such as those employed by The Haus in Sherman Oaks, California.

When you own one of these distinctive vehicles, you want to be sure only someone who fully understands the intricate steps to maintenance it is the one working on it. It’s highly recommended to have your Mini Cooper serviced at automotive shop with mechanics who know these cars like the back of their hands and don’t refer to a manual every step of the way. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you go to The Haus and speak with their veteran Mini Cooper technicians.

A knowledgeable Mini Cooper technician will love the model more than any general technician does

You know that somebody who has taken the time and dedication to get certified in maintaining and repairing Mini Coopers enjoys working with this particular car as much as you love driving it. They will take great pride and joy in handling your vehicle. In an experienced technician’s hands, your MINI will get plenty of respect. Why subject it to anything less?

It is cheaper in the long run

Sure, you may have to pay a little more when you go to a certified technician, but in the long run it will save you a lot of money.  Let’s say you go to your neighborhood general technician who handles a MINI a few times per year. Chances are they will treat it just like any other vehicle. If you take it in for a regular servicing, it will not get the precise maintenance that these sporty automobiles require to reach their optimum performance levels. If you bring your vehicle in to get a problem resolved, you run the risk that it will get sorted out by trial and error rather than expertise. Eventually, you will find that you need to get your vehicle serviced or repaired more frequently. Not only will this end up being more expensive but it will also damage your vehicle in more ways than one. It’s just not worth the risk. Take your Mini Cooper to The Haus today to get the best possible service for your vehicle!

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