How To Do A Mini Cooper Oil Change

Mini Cooper oil change

MINI Cooper Oil Change: How To Do It Yourself (DIY)

What’s great about Mini Coopers is that they come with BMW-like engineering. What’s not that great is that repairs can get expensive. Having to head to a BMW shop for an oil change on your Mini Cooper can get expensive. Doing an oil change on a Mini Cooper on your own is definitely an option and relatively simple.

Before anything these are things you are going to need.

  • An oil filter (make sure it comes with an o-ring)
  • 4 quarts of oil
  • 8 millimeter hex head socket
  • Oil pan

You can find these things at your local auto parts store and they are easily accessible by having your Mini Cooper’s year, model and engine.

You can now start on the oil change by following these steps:

  • Raise your vehicle with a jack.
  • Get underneath the vehicle and unscrew the drain plug with the hex head socket and let it drain completely into the oil pan.
  • Unscrew old oil filter and let any remaining oil drain.
  • Make sure to remove or peel rubber gasket that comes with it.
  • Coat oil gasket with new oil.
  • Put in new old oil filter, make sure it is hand tightened.
  • Add your 4 quarts of oil using a funnel and make sure there aren’t any leaks.
  • Make a reminder with a sticker on your next oil change.

You can recycle the old oil by pouring it into a used milk jug and taking it to your local recycling center. If doing the oil change at home make sure to have cardboard underneath your oil change area to avoid staining your driveway or concrete. It is recommended to change oil on a Mini Cooper every 3000 to 5000 miles to keep it running at top performance, prolong its life and avoid any internal damage.

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