Ahhh! What’s Wrong with my BMW?

Beverly Hills BMW Service

Even though BMWs are the ultimate driving machine and the most preferred vehicle of choice for Los Angeles residents, sometimes more service is needed than just routine maintenance.  Should you start hearing, feeling, or noticing something out of the norm with how your BMW handles, have a BMW Certified Technician at The Haus in Santa Monica or Sherman Oaks take a look at it before the problem escalates. Here are some aspects of your BMW — and their signs and symptoms — that may warrant a visit to our professional service and repair shop:

BMW & Mini Alignment Services

Failure to dodge enough potholes or accidentally hit a curb, and it’s possible to throw your vehicle out of alignment. If your BMW’s steering wheel suddenly shakes as you drive, it’s because one of its tires is trying to travel in a different direction from the other three. In addition, if you find that your Beemer is pulling to one side or has odd tire wear, it’s probably out of alignment. If you suspect this, you need to get it serviced straightaway since it can cause serious vehicle control issues.

BMW & Mini Brakes Services

As fast as you love to drive your BMW, you must make sure that your brakes are working properly. If your brake light comes on, you hear a metallic scraping noise when you use your brakes, there’s a vibration when you brake, you notice a burning smell while driving, or your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake, get your vehicle serviced immediately. No passenger in your vehicle is going to be impressed by how fast your BMW goes if you can’t control or stop it!

BMW & Mini Transmission Services

If you know the signs and symptoms to look for regarding issues with your BMW’s transmission, you’ll be able to get it in for service sooner rather than later and prevent further issues and headaches! Fortunately, your BMW can tell the difference if there is a problem with its engine or with the transmission by illuminating the appropriate warning signal. Don’t forget, however, that the check engine light is an overarching warning signal for all-things engine related, so even if the transmission light doesn’t come on, bring your vehicle in for a diagnostic test so that one of our Certified BMW Technicians can interpret it correctly! In addition, if you notice your car vibrating, shaking, or giving you a hard time shifting gears (even if it’s an automatic), it could be transmission related.

BMW & Mini Suspension Services

You don’t have to wait for a completely uneven, rough ride every time you drive over a little bump in the road to surmise there is something wrong with your vehicle’s shocks and suspension system.  In addition, if your vehicle pulls during turns, drifts to one side, dips when you stop, or has uneven tire treads, it’s probably your suspension.

BMW & Mini Cooling System Services

A routine check of your BMW’s radiator by a professional will help to avoid future problems with its cooling system. It’s not unusual for problems with the cooling system to originate with the water pump belt drive, so having a tension adjustment done or a full replacement if needed may be what you need to do to keep your BMW’s cooling system running efficiently. Other issues that need to be checked with the cooling system include the integrity of the hoses, the presence of any clogs or debris, and the functionality of the auxiliary fan.

Be proactive, not reactive. Get routine maintenance done and as soon as you feel that there might be something wrong with your BMW, bring it to The Haus for a professional diagnosis.

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