March 2019

BMW and MINI Cooper Service & Repair Shop near Burbank California

The luxury of driving a BMW or Mini is enough to make you want to plan an epic road trip every weekend. Sometimes, though, the most exciting things to do are right in your own backyard.
Want to plan an unforgettable getaway without having to fill up your gas tank? Look no further than the bustling city of Burbank. From a first-hand look into the most popular Hollywood productions to vintage shopping and gourmet foods, there’s no shortage of exciting things to do. Here are five of our favorite ways to spend the day in Burbank.

Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tours

You can’t get the full Burbank experience without the Warner Brothers VIP studio tour. You’ll get to visit backlots and sound stages for today’s hottest movies and television shows, check out the exhibits dedicated to Batman, Harry Potter, and DC Universe, and get up-close and personal with the Friend’s Central Perk set. It’s something every local and visitor should do at least once.

Shopping at Magnolia Park

For a more low-key way to spend your day, head on over to Magnolia Park and check out the many unique shops, boutiques, and eateries. We love to shop for vintage clothing at Hilary’s Vanity and search for treasures at retro retailer Bearded Lady Vintage. Whether you’re looking for clothing, gifts, art, or that unique purchase you just can’t resist, you’re likely to find it at Magnolia Park.

Lunch at Porto’s Bakery

After you’re done shopping, plan to stick around for lunch at Porto’s Bakery. The Porto family has been delighting visitors since they opened their first restaurant in 1960 after relocating to California from their native Cuba. They’re well-known for their delicious tamales, meat pies, empanadas, and pastrami sandwiches. It’s also not uncommon to find people lined up around the block waiting to get their hands on some of Porto’s famous baked goods. Make sure you save room for dessert because it’s definitely worth it!

Cocktails at The Green Room

The Green Room is one of Burbank’s best-kept secrets, but it’s also one you won’t want to miss. This upscale bar is hidden inside Castaway, so only those who are “in the know” are likely to find it. One of the area’s best places to see and be seen, The Green Room offers immersive cocktail experiences, unique bites, VIP service and one of the best views of the city you’ll find anywhere. A dress code is enforced and reservations are required, so plan this visit ahead of time!

An Evening at Flapper’s Comedy Club

If you love a good laugh, you’ll definitely want to check out Flapper’s Comedy Club. This one-stop-shop features three separate spaces so you’re sure to find the atmosphere that’s right for you. Spend your time in the bar, the main room, or the Yoo Hoo room. This club pulls in top talent and offers over 40 shows every week. Even better, you can enjoy a full dinner along with the show.

Burbank’s Premier BMW Service Center – The HAUS

Located just a short 15-minute drive from the city of Burbank, The Haus is your go-to destination for BMW and Mini service and repair. Check out our special offers, then give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our certified mechanics. Once you’ve experienced our quality, service, and low prices, you’ll understand why The Haus is Southern California’s preferred repair shop.

MINI Mania! Meet The MINI Cooper Clubs of California

There’s no vehicle on the market that compares to the Mini Cooper. These luxury economy cars are adorable, trendy, and FUN TO DRIVE! They’re so unique, it’s no surprise that they’ve earned a large following of loyal and passionate owners. One thing you’ll find when you buy a Mini is that you’ll feel an immediate camaraderie with other owners and enthusiasts. Whether you own a new Mini Cooper or a classic model or are still thinking about buying one, there’s a group of friendly owners who are more than happy to share their experiences with you. Here are some of the most popular local Mini Cooper clubs for you to check out.

SoCal Mini Maniacs

A friendly and casual social club, SoCal Mini Maniacs welcomes all Mini Cooper enthusiasts. The club is very active, with some type of event or meet-up happening almost every weekend. Examples include breakfast meetings, canyon runs and track days, and even multi-day road trips along the back roads of California. There’s truly something for everyone, and many of the events are even pet-friendly! Although there are always plenty of events to choose from, there’s no obligation for members to attend anything. Your initial membership cost of $35 gives you a club patch and ID cards, access to the group Facebook page, and discounts on MINI merchandise from dealerships and supporting vendors. The ongoing annual cost is $20 per year, making this club a great value and an excellent way to make new friends!

Los Angeles Mini Cooper Car Club

The Los Angeles Mini Cooper Car Club gives Mini owners access to exclusive discounts on service, parts, window tinting, and accessories from participating dealers. There’s no application process and no ongoing contract, so it’s easy to join at any time.
Once you’ve signed up and paid your first monthly payment of $9.99, you’ll receive a club badge that can be used for discounts at Mini of Valencia, Mini of Universal City, Go Badges, NFC Performance, and many other local restaurants and businesses. Members who want to organize rides or meet-ups can also submit their information to the club, which will promote the event on their website.

Mini Owners of America Los Angeles (MOALA)

A non-profit club dedicated to both classic and new Mini car enthusiasts, Mini Owners of America Los Angeles supports friendship, education, sport, and charity. This is a very active group that regularly hosts events including car shows, runs, breakfast clubs, holiday parties, and more. You don’t have to own a Mini to join this club, but there’s a good chance that after spending time around these passionate owners, you’ll decide to buy one of your own.

Only Trust Your Mini to the Very Best Service

When it comes to caring for your Mini Cooper, it pays to demand the very best. That’s why so many owners in the West Los Angeles area trust their vehicles to The Haus of Minis. Our professional certified technicians offer world-class service and ensure that your Mini is repaired correctly the first time. Contact us today to discuss our maintenance programs and repair services.

Self-Driving BMWs? It’s Happening Sooner Than We Think

Self-driving cars might sound like something out of a science-fiction movie, but they’re actually closer to becoming a reality than you might think. Recently, BMW and Daimler, the maker of Mercedes Benz, announced their intention to collaborate on developing autonomous driving technology. The luxury car companies, who were once rivals, aim to release the first self-driving system by the mid-2020s. Here’s what you need to know about the technology development and what it potentially means for the BMW brand.

What is Autonomous Driving?

In its purest form, a fully autonomous vehicle requires no human interaction to operate. Although there are vehicles with some self-driving technologies, there are currently no legally-operating fully-autonomous vehicles in the United States.
To help the average person understand the evolution of this technology, BMW has broken it down into a five-stage process.
Level one and two vehicles use automated features like cruise-control, assisted braking, and parking-assist, but still need human interaction to operate safely. A level-three vehicle allows the car itself to manage all of the safety-critical functions, but still requires humans to intervene when alerted. Level-four vehicles are fully autonomous except in certain driving scenarios, while level-five vehicles are completely self-sufficient and don’t require a driver at all.

Expected Benefits and Concerns

As with any new technology, there’s plenty of speculation about the expected benefits and potential concerns.
Safety is obviously at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Some argue that software is less prone to error than human drivers, giving this technology the potential to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents. On the other hand, system failures and cybersecurity issues are major concerns.
Another potential benefit is the mobility this technology could create for the elderly, disabled, and others who are unable to drive. However, there is also some concern about the displacement of those who drive for a living.
As the technology continues to develop, it still remains to be seen how it will impact the current transportation system and whether it will ultimately hurt or harm environmental preservation efforts.

Potential Impact on the BMW Brand

Leading the way in developing groundbreaking new technology has the potential to make or break a company. Brands that are at the head of the curve are likely to gain a significant portion of revenue and market share. However, if things go wrong, the pioneers will suffer the greatest negative impact. This could translate into huge financial losses, potential lawsuits, and a loss of trust in the brand.
It also remains to be seen how the collaboration between BMW and Daimler will play out. In addition to the autonomous driving project, the two companies have also announced a one billion Euro mobility partnership that could lead to even more growth in the future.

Los Angeles’ Premier BMW Service & Repair Center

BMW enthusiasts and owners trust The Haus for professional certified repair, service, and maintenance. With locations in both Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks, you’ll love how convenient it is to reach us. Once you’ve experienced our world-class service and dedication to customer satisfaction, you’ll understand why we’re one of the most popular auto repair providers in the Los Angeles area. Stop by today and experience The Haus difference!

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