7 Signs Your Last BMW Service Mechanic Made Things Worse

7 Signs Your Last BMW Service Mechanic Made Things Worse

When you bring your BMW to the mechanic for a repair, you trust that it will be done correctly. While you may assume the problem was properly diagnosed and the repairs you’ve paid for were done right the first time, unfortunately, that’s not always the case.
If you’re still having problems after you get your vehicle back, there’s a chance that something may have been missed. Here’s a look at seven signs that your mechanic misdiagnosed your BMW or may have done something to make the problem worse.

1. Your Car is Making Unusual Sounds

Strange sounds are one of the most common things BMW owners complain about after a poor service appointment. If you hear squealing, squeaking, or grinding noises, this is a good sign that there’s still some type of problem with your vehicle. This could be caused by a misdiagnosis or a shoddy repair.

2. The Vehicle Pulling to One Side

When a BMW owner comes into a shop complaining that their vehicle is pulling to one side, it’s common to assume the vehicle is out of alignment. However, there are other possibilities. For example, you may have a tire that is partially deflated on one side.
If you’ve brought your vehicle in for an alignment and it still isn’t driving straight, simply rotating and/or properly inflating the tires may be the answer. Failing to take care of this can lead to other vehicle problems and create issues with your vehicle’s handling, potentially creating dangerous driving conditions.

3. You’ve Noticed a Fluid Leak

Sometimes, mechanics get into a rhythm and stop paying close attention to what they’re doing. This is fairly common when it comes to fluid changes. Failure to tighten a bolt or to screw the oil filter housing all the way down can create a huge mess. Even worse, if it’s not caught right away, can also cause serious damage to your BMW. Any time you notice leaking fluid, it’s important to bring it to a mechanic for an inspection. Doing so can save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. The Car Won’t Start

Did you bring your vehicle in because it wouldn’t start, then have the problem reoccur after your mechanic replaced the battery? In this case, there may be a problem with the alternator. Since the alternator charges the battery, the vehicle would start fine until the battery discharged, then would fail to start again. While this misdiagnosis is unlikely to cause a serious problem to your vehicle, it could leave you stranded.

5. Your Check Engine Light Came On

When the check engine light comes on with an oxygen sensor code, mechanics often assume the oxygen sensor has gone bad. However, a vacuum leak in the engine can cause the same error code. If your mechanic replaced the O2 sensor and didn’t check the hoses, you’ll find yourself having to return again for another repair.

6. Your Engine is Overheating

BMWs need premium oil filters and full synthetic oil that meet the specifications developed by BMW. A mechanic who doesn’t know any better or is trying to cut corners may use an inexpensive alternative, which can lead to serious problems. Using the wrong oil or filters can cause your engine to overheat and could ultimately lead to engine failure. At a minimum, this could cost a few thousand dollars to repair, and in the worst-case scenario, it will cost you far more.

7. Things Don’t Look Right

Sometimes, a visual inspection can show you that a repair was not done correctly. In the past, we’ve come across vehicles that had broken brackets, missing bolts, or additional holes that were drilled to make a part fit.
A mechanic who is in a rush may also neglect to tighten bolts or reconnect hoses, which can create a dangerous situation. If you’re concerned about whether your vehicle was properly repaired, taking it to another mechanic for a follow-up inspection could help ensure your safety. This may also uncover a small issue that could have eventually turned into a much bigger problem.

The Haus Gets It Right the First Time

Sometimes, vehicle repair errors are due to negligence or intentionally cutting corners. However, just as often, honest mechanics make mistakes due to being rushed or having a lack of experience. At The Haus, our mechanics are BMW-certified and many have past dealership experience. We’re also committed to taking the time needed to make sure each vehicle is correctly diagnosed and that our repairs are done right the first time.
If you’ve brought your BMW to another mechanic and you’re still having problems, we’re happy to take a look. If we find any issues, we’ll give you a fair and honest estimate and quickly take care of the necessary repairs. Contact us today to schedule a VIP appointment.

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