Escape from L.A: Winterizing Your BMW for Holiday Travel

Escape from L.A: Winterizing Your BMW for Holiday Travel

Whether you’re traveling to colder climates to visit with family and friends during the holiday season or you’re planning a road trip to exciting nearby destinations like Tahoe or Big Bear, it’s important to make sure your BMW is prepared to safely handle the climate change.
From colder temperatures to snow and ice, winter driving can be a challenge for an unprepared BMW. Before you hit the road, plan to take care of these important tasks.

Check Your Oil, Fluids, and Coolants

Colder weather impacts how your BMW runs, particularly when it comes to your fluids. Make sure you don’t run into any problems by getting an oil change and topping off your antifreeze and engine coolants before you head out. When driving in winter weather, you may find that you also go through a lot of windshield wiper fluid. Do yourself a favor – fill up your reservoir before you leave and consider bringing an extra gallon with you.

Clean Your Windshield and Check Your Wipers

Before you leave for your trip, clean both the inside and outside of your windshield with glass cleaner. Dirt, dust, and fingerprints can create a film that impairs visibility, especially when it’s dark outside and glare from streetlights and oncoming headlights are intensified.
Since windshield wipers can degrade over time, it’s important to check them before you head out and replace them if the blades are dull. Otherwise, you may find that falling snow and slush spraying from the roads make driving even more difficult. You’ll also want to clear your windows of snow and ice before you drive, so keep a snow brush and scraper in your trunk while you’re on your trip.

Moisture-Proof Your Car

Window fog is another cold-weather issue that can make visibility a challenge. When the temperatures fall, the cold air outside causes the humid air inside your car to condense. You can help prevent this by changing out your cabin’s air filter and checking the seals around your sunroof and your windows. Using all-weather floor mats can also help minimize the accumulation of moisture inside your vehicle.

Test and Align Your Headlights

Snowfall can be blinding, making it difficult to see vehicles approaching you or animals in the road. When it’s snowing, drive with your headlights on even in the daytime to help improve your visibility. It’s also a good idea to test your headlights and adjust them to ensure they’re aligned properly and are bright enough for optimal effectiveness. If you’re not sure how to do this, one of our certified mechanics can easily take care of it for you.

Check Your Battery

Low temperatures can significantly impact your BMW battery’s capacity, leaving you at risk of getting stranded in the cold. Our mechanics can assess your battery level and let you know if you need to replace it. Remember that even if your battery seems to be working fine while you’re in LA, you could have problems once you get to a colder climate.
You may also consider getting a car battery charger, which you can plug into a regular outlet. Once it’s charged, it can be used to jump your battery, so you can safely get to your next destination.

Schedule a Brake Inspection

Snow and ice make it harder to stop, so it’s important that you can feel confident with your vehicle’s braking. Keep yourself safe by scheduling a detailed brake inspection, including checking the alignment of your brakes and assessing the life of your brake pads.

Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Trunk

Getting your BMW ready for winter isn’t just about mechanical issues. To make sure you’re prepared for inclement weather, consider keeping an emergency kit in your trunk. You may want to include items such as a blanket, gloves, flashlight, jumper cables, a tow rope, pylons, and a first aid kit.

Prepare Your BMW for Winter Travel

At The Haus, we want you and your family to travel safely and feel confident on the roads no matter what the weather brings. Our certified mechanics can help prepare your BMW for winter weather, and we offer some of the lowest prices in the LA area. Contact us today to schedule your VIP appointment.

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