February 2023

MINI Cooper Transmission Slipping?

MINI Cooper Transmission Slipping

“Slipping” is one of the most common indicators of a Mini Cooper transmission problem. It occurs when a vehicle switches from one gear to another without you shifting (for a manual vehicle) or when it’s not supposed to (for an automatic).
This issue is often felt as a sudden jolt inside your vehicle. It’s common for slipping to start out as a minor inconvenience, often happening when you’re pulling out of your driveway. However, as the problem becomes worse, your MINI may begin moving erratically or not responding when you try to accelerate, potentially creating a dangerous driving situation.
There are several MINI Cooper transmission issues that can lead to slipping. Here’s a look at a few of the most common.
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BMW SUV Reliability & Possible Issues


In most cases, owning a BMW is a pleasant experience. These eye-catching vehicles offer a comfortable ride, superior handling, and the performance you would expect from a luxury brand. However, just like any other vehicle, they aren’t without their fair share of problems.

Modern SUVs in general tend to have some reliability issues, thanks to the large and complex powertrains and variety of technology and features, all of which can break, causing headaches for their owners. BMW in particular has experienced some known reliability issues with each of its SUV models. Here’s a closer look at some of the problems you should be aware of.
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Are BMW Head Gaskets Hard to Replace?


While BMWs are known to be pretty reliable vehicles, unfortunately, blown head gaskets are fairly common. While many BMW head gaskets will last for up to 100,000 miles, it’s not uncommon for them to fail much sooner – and when they do, it can quickly become a serious problem.
Some of the most common signs of BMW head gasket failure include oil contamination, engine overheating, and blue or white smoke billowing out of your BMW’s exhaust. If you’ve noticed any of these issues, this is potentially very bad news for both you and your BMW.
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