Revving Up Your Year: Top Events for BMW Enthusiasts in Los Angeles 2024

BMW Enthusiasts in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is a haven for car enthusiasts, and for BMW aficionados, it’s paradise paved in asphalt. From adrenaline-pumping track days to classic car shows and vibrant meetups, the 2024 calendar year promises an exciting lineup of events to ignite your passion for the ultimate driving machine. So, buckle up, grab your keys, and prepare to experience the best of the BMW scene in LA this year:

1. The California Mille:

  • Dates: April 21-24, 2024
  • Location: Various checkpoints throughout California
  • Event: Embark on a four-day, 1,000-mile grand tour through the picturesque Californian countryside. This rally, open to vintage and classic BMWs (pre-1980), is a celebration of automotive history and the thrill of the open road. Imagine cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway, navigating winding mountain roads, and connecting with fellow BMW enthusiasts at charming stopovers. The California Mille is an experience that will stay with you long after the checkered flag waves.

2. Bimmerfest:

  • Dates: May 18-19, 2024
  • Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
  • Event: Bimmerfest is the ultimate gathering place for BMW lovers. This indoor/outdoor extravaganza features hundreds of stunning BMWs from every era, from gleaming classics to cutting-edge models. Witness breathtaking custom builds, attend informative workshops, and mingle with fellow enthusiasts while enjoying live music, food trucks, and a vibrant vendor village. Whether you’re a seasoned gearhead or a curious newcomer, Bimmerfest is a must-attend event for any BMW enthusiast in LA.

3. Angeles Crest Highway Run:

  • Dates: Various dates throughout the year (weather permitting)
  • Location: Angeles National Forest
  • Event: Calling all thrill seekers! The Angeles Crest Highway, with its winding curves and breathtaking vistas, is a legendary driving destination for Angelenos. Join a spirited caravan of BMWs as they conquer this iconic mountain road, experiencing the exhilarating rush of pushing your car’s limits while soaking in the stunning scenery. Be sure to check online forums and clubs for organized runs throughout the year.

4. Cars and Coffee at The Petersen:

  • Dates: Every second Sunday of the month
  • Location: Petersen Automotive Museum
  • Event: Start your Sunday with a dose of octane and horsepower at Cars and Coffee at The Petersen. This iconic gathering welcomes all car enthusiasts, and on any given Sunday, you’ll find a stunning array of BMWs parked alongside other automotive gems. Mingle with owners, admire the meticulously maintained vehicles, and enjoy the buzz of the car community in a picture-perfect setting.

5. BMW CCA Track Days:

  • Dates: Various dates throughout the year
  • Locations: Various racetracks in Southern California
  • Event: Hone your driving skills and experience the pure adrenaline of pushing your BMW to its limits at a BMW Car Club of America (CCA) track day. These professionally organized events offer a safe and controlled environment for enthusiasts of all levels to learn from experienced instructors and enjoy the thrill of the track. From Auto Club Speedway to Willow Springs International Raceway, there’s a track day to suit every BMW enthusiast in LA.

Bonus: Hidden Gems for BMW Enthusiasts:

  • Griffith Park Observatory: Enjoy breathtaking city and mountain views while spotting classic BMWs cruising the winding roads leading to the iconic observatory.
  • Sunset Blvd.: Cruise along this legendary stretch of road, made famous by movies and celebrities, and keep an eye out for vintage BMWs cruising in style.

Remember, this is just a taste of the exciting events and experiences that await BMW enthusiasts in Los Angeles in 2024. So, fire up your Bimmer, hit the road, and get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant and passionate world of BMW in the City of Angels.

And remember, to stay updated on the latest events and happenings, be sure to follow local BMW clubs, forums, and social media groups.

Happy driving from The HAUS!

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