Most Common BMW Z4 Problems

BMW Z4 Auto Problems

The BMW Z4 is a relatively dependable model with few problems. However, even the best of cars have at least a couple of issues. Whether you’re thinking about buying a Z4 or you’re already a proud owner, it’s always helpful to know what types of trouble you might encounter. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common Z4 problems.

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The Impact of California on Motor Racing

California Race Track

The history of motor racing in California runs deep. In fact, the Southern California area was once the heart of the country’s auto racing culture. In the early 1900s, speed-freaks raced their cars on dirt tracks, dry lakes, and city streets.
The area was also home to the Los Angeles Motordrome — the world’s first wooden racetrack. The track was built as a way to attract nearby beachgoers, and the first races were held here in 1910. Back then, you could expect to see helmetless racers fly around the one-mile circular track at speeds nearing 100 mph. It attracted some of the biggest racers in history, including Ralph DePalma, Barney Oldfield, and LA’s own “Terrible” Teddy Tetzlaff.
Sadly, the Motordrome closed due to a fire just three years after it opened. However, the area had acquired a taste for speed that simply wouldn’t go away.

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Independent BMW Maintenance & Collision Repair Near Northridge

Collision Repair Northridge California

At The HAUS, we love getting to know our customers! We often see people coming in from Northridge, and when we do, we like to ask them about their favorite things to do on their days off. We’re always surprised by the interesting ideas they suggest. If you’re tired of sitting at home, we recommend checking out some of these fun outings. Just remember to stay safe, wear your mask, and practice social distancing.

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L.A. is the New Official City of Champions


“The Marathon Continues.” That quote from the late Nipsey Hustle has given hope to all Los Angeles sports teams that even through adversity and challenges the goal of becoming a City of Champions continues. With everything that’s gone on this year in sports we could all use a reason to celebrate. From the Lakers taking home the 2020 NBA Title to the Dodgers winning the World Series, our amazing LA sports teams have certainly given us plenty of cause for cheer! Let’s take a look back on how LA became the City of Champions.

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Common BMW Transmission Troubles


Few things plague BMW owners like the dreaded “Transmission Error” message. Unfortunately, transmission issues are fairly common in BMWs. In addition to seeing this error, you may notice that your transmission is shifting erratically, slipping, or that it’s stuck in gear. If you have a BMW with iDrive, a transmission error code will cause your vehicle to go into SafeMode, which prevents your transmission from shifting at all.
This is certainly not something you can ignore! However, it’s also not always a major catastrophe. Here are a few of the most common BMW transmission problems and tips for troubleshooting them.

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The 8 Most Expensive BMW Repairs


Let’s face it, owning and maintaining a vehicle is not cheap. BMW vehicle repair requires trained professionals and special parts. These premium vehicles are fine-tuned driving machines. As such, repairs and maintenance tend to cost a bit more than what you’ll pay for the average vehicle.
Are you wondering which BMW repairs are most likely to break the bank? Here’s our rundown of the top eight most costly BMW issues.

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MINI Maintenance has HUGE Benefits this Winter

Winter in LA might not be as harsh as many other places in the United States, but the change in season can still bring cooler temperatures. Doing some basic winter maintenance on your Mini Cooper will help keep it running smoothly all season long.
If you’re planning to take a road trip to popular destinations like Tahoe or Big Bear, preparing your Mini to deal with snow, sleet, and rough terrain is even more important. Not only can this help you avoid inconvenient breakdowns, but it will also improve your safety on rough winter roads. Here are a few of the most important tasks to add to your maintenance list.

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