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If you drive a vehicle long enough, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually have to deal with transmission issues. While your vehicle’s diagnostic system will likely warn you when a serious problem arises, knowing the sights and sounds that indicate potential trouble may help you proactively fix minor issues before they become a major problem. Here’s what you’ll want to look out for.

Slipping Transmission

A transmission that slips in and out of gear, particularly when you’re driving up and down steep hills, likely needs some TLC. In most cases, a qualified mechanic can do the required maintenance and easily get your vehicle running like new.

Leaking Fluids

Dark spots under your car are often an indication that something is wrong. However, it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint what kind of fluid is leaking. Try putting a piece of cardboard under your car next time you park it. This will give you can get a better idea of the color and texture of the leaking fluids.
Fluid that’s brown, dark red, or bright red can spell trouble for your transmission. In this case, it’s important to see a mechanic as soon as possible or you could end up with some seriously costly repairs!

Unusual Odors

It’s generally recommended that you replace your transmission fluid every 15,000 to 60,000 miles. If you notice a sweet, burning smell and your vehicle is nearing this milestone, it might be time for this maintenance task.
If your transmission fluid is burning, it could mean that your transmission is burning as well. Ignore this, and you’ll likely find yourself facing a complete transmission rebuild.

Strange Sounds

If you notice a whining, grinding, buzzing, or clunking sound, it’s also a good idea to see a mechanic. Whining can be a sign that your needle pins are wearing out, while grinding is often an indicator of low transmission fluid.

Rough Idling

If your automatic vehicle shakes, shimmies, or vibrates while you’re driving or idling it’s a sign that it needs some maintenance. A manual transmission may also make a grinding sound. This is often caused by a worn clutch or other mechanical issue. A car that makes a lot of noise while it’s in neutral is also likely to have transmission problems.

Performance Issues

Vehicle performance issues are also early warning signs of a transmission problem. The most common include rough or delayed shifting and/or unresponsive acceleration. This could be due to something as simple as a worn-out clutch or a more serious issue.

Warning Lights

If your transmission warning or check engine lights come on, never ignore them. This means your vehicle is trying to tell you something is wrong, and it’s your responsibility to follow up.
The transmission temperature warning light indicates that your transmission fluid is heating up and your transmission is operating at a higher-than-ideal temperature. When this light comes on, you need to check the transmission fluid level and your engine coolant level as soon as possible.

Take Your Car To The Transmission Experts – The HAUS

If you’ve noticed any of the above transmission warning signs, it’s a good idea to have your car looked at by a qualified mechanic sooner than later. Early intervention can sometimes mean the difference between a minor repair and a costly transmission replacement.
Stop by The Haus, and let us take a look. We’ll let you know exactly what needs to happen so you can quickly get your vehicle back on the road and functioning like new.

The Importance of Consistent Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

If you’re like most people, your vehicle is your lifeline. You depend on it to carry you and your loved ones safely to and from work, school, and other important activities.
Properly maintaining your vehicle will help ensure that it’s working properly when you need it and that it operates as safely as possible. Keeping up with your maintenance schedule will also extend the life of your vehicle and help protect your investment. So, what does proper vehicle maintenance look like? Let’s take a look!

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Mini Cooper Maintenance Musts for a Marvelous Machine

MINI Cooper Auto Maintenance

Mini Coopers are known for having great gas mileage and being super fun to drive! They’re also less maintenance-intense than other vehicles and hold their resale value. However, that doesn’t mean that you can neglect your vehicle completely.
With proper care, your Mini will give you plenty of enjoyment for many years to come. Check out these basic maintenance tips that will help keep your Mini running like a marvelous machine!

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A HAUS Divided! Steve’s Chargers vs Kevin’s Rams

Los Angeles Football Teams

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Ride the Lightning! BMW’s Electric Car Technology for Tomorrow

2020 BMW iX3 Santa Monica

It’s no secret that going green is catching on, and the motor vehicle industry is giving consumers what they want. While this year’s hottest sellers include the newly introduced Hyundai Kona Electric and the ever-popular Tesla Model 3, many more vehicle brands, most notably BMW, are expected to make their mark in the coming years. As demand for hybrid and fully-electric vehicles continues to rise, technology is evolving in a way that allows for more accessible pricing, a diverse lineup of vehicle models, and increased access to charging stations in cities around the world.

BMW’s Outlook on Electric

While the BMW brand made waves with the early introduction of their i3 electric vehicle, there has been some buzz over the past few years suggesting that the company may have lost its momentum. Part of this concern is due to the fact that while Mercedes, Audi, and Jaguar have all recently released long-range electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs), BMW’s version won’t come out until next year. The company’s CEO Harald Krueger, who recently resigned, is often cited as the reason for the company’s “slow and steady” approach to electric vehicle technology. His departure may indicate a promising change for the company.

Anticipated New Releases

BMW has announced that by the end of 2019 they plan to have over 500,000 hybrid or fully-electric cars on the road. In 2020, the company is releasing the iX3 electric SUV and an all-electric version of their iconic Mini Cooper. From there, things are expected to accelerate even more quickly. The highly-anticipated iNext and i4 are both scheduled to come out in 2021. The iNext is a fully electric crossover sport activity vehicle equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving, while the i4 is a fully electric sports sedan that will be a competitor to the Tesla Model 3. BMW has also announced plans to release 25 new electric or hybrid models by the year 2021. This is a full two years earlier than the company’s previous projections. It’s anticipated that at least half of these models will be fully electric.

Electric Vehicle Sales Predictions

BMW’s hybrid and electric vehicle sales are predicted to double between now and 2021. The company also anticipates a 30 percent annual sales growth until at least 2025. Tough emissions rules in the European Union are fueling some of this demand. BMW is addressing this specific need with the development of a new hybrid technology that automatically switches to electric-only mode when entering cities that have zero-emission zones. This feature, called eDrive Zones Function, will be included in all of BMW’s plug-in hybrid models starting in 2020.

BMW’s Commitment to Electric

While they may have initially approached the switch to electric with caution, BMW has made it clear that they’re committed to producing sustainable vehicles in sustainable ways. The company recently announced that by the year 2020, they’re planning to only buy electricity from renewable energy sources for all of their production locations worldwide. This renewed commitment makes it clear that you can expect to see big things from the company over the next several years.

BMW Service & Repair: Independent Shops vs. Dealerships

Independent BMW Service

“If you think a good BMW mechanic is expensive, try using a bad one.” While there’s some humor to this quote, there’s also more than a hint of truth. BMWs are more than just vehicles, they’re extremely high-tech driving machines. As such, repairs and maintenance should only be trusted to a highly-trained and skilled technician. When seeking a mechanic, BMW owners often wonder whether it’s better to stick with the dealership or to take their vehicle to an independent shop. At The Haus, we believe the answer is obvious. Stick with the PROS! The following list of pros and cons will help explain why.

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