How Safe Are BMW’s During Accidents?

bmw saftey features

When it comes to BMW’s you can rest easy knowing that they are pretty safe, whether it is preventing accidents or protecting you and your passengers during accidents. Today’s car market demands the top safety in every latest model, with BMW being one the best luxury vehicles in the market, you can definitely count on their safety features delivering.

BMW Protective Body

There is really nothing to worry about with BMW’s all around solid steel construction. You can be at ease with BMW solid steel construction, it is definitely great protection if an accident were to ever happen.

BMW’s come with front and rear bumpers that can take any impact of up to 6 kilometers per hour without receiving any damage. Anything above of up to 15 kilometers per hour can still protect passengers with deformation elements which minimize impact and protects the body of the car.

You can definitely count on BMW’s durable body which in the event of a more serious accident will still be very safe because crossmembers along sills and under seats are rigid and protective like a cage, making sure passengers do not receive any serious injuries and manage to have space to get out of the vehicle if an accident were to happen.

BMW’s also offer more durable materials and innovative lightweight materials. Materials such as aluminium are used to offer more crash safety and definitely reduce repair costs in the event of an accident.

BMW Safety Features

BMW’s have a very intelligent system for airbags. SRS curtain airbags react in a split second in the event of accident. This is due to advanced sensors all over the vehicle including doors which ultimately protect driver and passengers. Airbags are only released where someone is sitting, so if there is no passenger, the system will prioritize the safety of the driver.

Also, seatbelts lock in making sure you avoid any serious injury. Fires are prevented by BMW vehicle automatically shutting down the battery and fuel pump. All doors are also unlocked to allow easy escape if needed.

In the end, you can always count on BMW delivering the latest safety features and always prioritizing safety in the design of their vehicles.

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