BMW Collision Repair Estimate: How Much? How Long?

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There’s no doubt that dealing with the aftermath of a collision with your BMW is often a stressful experience. The process of getting your car back on the road typically begins with obtaining an estimate.
If you’re dealing with an auto body shop you can trust, the technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle so they can find and assess all possible damage. Doing so ensures that the quoted estimate covers all of the repairs you need. You’ll also want to ensure that you choose a repair shop that is known for providing clear, thorough, and accurate estimates.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

When you file an insurance claim, you’ll be assigned an adjuster who will verify the details of your damage and determine an estimate of the expected repair cost. You’ll want to get at least one independent estimate so you can compare it to theirs. Don’t be surprised, though, if they only agree to pay the amount quoted on the lowest estimate.
It’s important to note that your insurance company cannot require you to have your repair work done at any specific shop or at a dealership. You’re allowed to choose any repair company you’re most comfortable with. However, if the shop you choose isn’t the least expensive, it’s possible that you’ll be responsible for charges above what the insurance company will pay.
If you don’t believe the insurance company’s estimate is enough to correctly repair your vehicle, you can negotiate with them. In this case, it’s a great idea to work with a company like The Haus, who is willing to help you file your insurance claim paperwork and speak directly to the insurance adjuster if necessary.

What to Expect From Your Estimate

Many auto body repair shops require you to schedule an appointment before you bring your vehicle in for a repair estimate. Typically, there’s no charge for this service. The entire process usually takes about 30 minutes. You won’t want to rush this as it’s important that the techs take the time to thoroughly assess the damage.
Most companies have a comfortable waiting room where you can pass the time with a cup of coffee and a magazine. At The Haus, we also offer a free shuttle service within 10 miles of our shop. This will allow you to quickly get back to your day and pick up your vehicle when it’s convenient for you.
When the inspection is done, the tech will present you with a written estimate. This itemized document should include the cost of the parts, labor, and any other materials that are needed to complete your repairs. It should be noted that estimates from various shops may differ. Some of the reasons include the quality of the parts they plan to use (ex. OEM or aftermarket parts), the company’s labor rates, and any sales or discounts you may qualify for.
It’s perfectly acceptable to ask your estimator to speak with you and explain what they plan to do and how they came up with the price estimate.

Your Premier Independent Collision and Repair Shop

When you need a fair and accurate estimate, turn to the professionals at The Haus. We expedite the process so you can get your vehicle fixed and get back to your life as soon as possible. Even better, our quotes are extremely competitive when compared to area BMW dealers and other auto body shops. Don’t delay, contact us to schedule an appointment for your free today!

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