Our Favorite BMW Enthusiast Facebook Groups to Check Out

BMW Facebook Groups

With most in-person events being canceled due to COVID-19, Facebook is becoming even more important for many people looking to make social connections. Luckily, there are many great Facebook groups for BMW enthusiasts. Whether you want to keep up on the latest BMW news, find out about events, trade parts, or just meet some like-minded people, there’s a group for you! Here are a few of our favorites.

SoCal BMW Group 

The popular SoCal BMW Group was created for buying, selling, trading, and discussing BMWs. It’s the perfect place for you to post your BMW questions, ask for help with car troubles, and offer trades.

The group is private, so you’ll have to submit a join request and be accepted before you can see any member posts or interact with them. There are currently over 9,000 members and the site is fairly active. You can expect to see about 500 posts in the group each month.

BMW Vintage of California 

If you’re looking to buy and sell parts, you’ll want to check out BMW Vintage of California. This is a public group, so you’ll be able to browse through posts before submitting a join request.

This group, which has been around since 2015, has about 730 members and gets about 20 new posts per month. It’s also a great place to learn about upcoming events, like BMW Rallies.

BMW M Power

Another private group, BMW M Power is the go-to site for M-series enthusiasts. There are more than 253,000 members who share about 650 posts a month. It’s easy to join. There are no questions to answer and simply clicking the “join” button will give you access.

Once you’re in, you’ll find lots of photos of BMW vehicles, requests for advice, and lively conversation between members.

BMW Cars and Parts for Sale/Wanted 

The BMW Cars and Parts for Sale/Wanted Facebook group is another great option for anyone looking to buy and sell parts. This is a global group with over 57,000 members.

Since it’s a private group, you’ll need to submit a join request before you can view posts or participate. This one requires you to answer a few questions, but they’re simple. First, you need to agree to keep your posts related to the purchase or sale of BMW products. Next, you’ll need to let administrators know what country you’re selling or browsing from. Then click “submit” and wait for administrators to approve your membership.

Once approved, you’ll see a ton of activity. This group shares more than 2,000 posts a month. With this much activity, there’s a good chance you’ll have no problem finding the parts you’re looking for.

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